Needle felting needle handle

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This wooden needle holder holds one needle and provides substantial grip when needle felting. It can also be used to store one needle when not on use, so you can be sure that the sharp needle is safely out of the the way and when you want to bring your craft with you to a different place. Needles can quickly and easily be changed. This handle can be used multiple times with any standard sized felting needle.

To use, remove the tapered wedge insert from the handle. Lie the needle along the groove of the insert so that the bent angle at the end of the needle is touching the thinner end of the insert. Then insert the tapered wedge back into the handle, thinnest end first, so that the sharp end of the needle is left protruding. To store the needle in the handle, remove the tapered wedge insert and turn the needle around so that the sharp end is stored within the handle.