About us

Little Woolly Sheep was born out of a joy for needle felting and a desire to introduce this little known craft to other people. It’s an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing way to spend time, and we wanted to try make this accessible to all to  enjoy. So…..  after lots of searching (and a bit of trial and error) we brought all the perfect ingredients together. With the absolute beginner in mind, we put together really easy to follow, step by step instructions that are fully illustrated, to help anyone who wants to make their very own little felty craft creation. Kids can absolutely enjoy this too, (under supervision as the needle felt kits include sharp needles.) However, as we are just supplying raw materials and a bit of guidance you can be as creative and imaginative as you like! The more experienced craft person can take these kits and put their very own individual and  creative talents to work, and make something completely unique and beautiful!  We hope you enjoy which ever you choose.