Bee Happy! Vegan needle felting kit

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Bee Happy! Vegan needle felting kit

The kit uses bio nylon which is a plant based fibre which makes it suitable for all (the vegan bit). The fully illustrated instructions and everything you need to get started in one box makes it an ideal introduction to the craft or fun project. Included are instructions to make three fun creations:

  • BumbleBee, (the Bee happy bit),
  • Dragonfly
  • Ladybird.

You can choose to make one, two or all three – or maybe make your own design once you have grasped the basics. In the box you get:

  • All fibre necessary is provided
  • A variety of sizes of needles. 
  • Finger protectors.
  • A high density protective foam mat is included, to protect your working area.

As you need to use sharp needles for this craft, children will need careful supervision. *Colour may vary from he photo.